How pregnancy tests work

Home pregnancy tests 

Home pregnancy tests, which can be purchased over the counter from a scientist or grocery store, test your pee. There are various sorts. Peruse the directions cautiously before doing a home pregnancy test. It is ideal to gather the pee test before anything else, before you have smashed a ton of liquid, or there probably won't be sufficient hCG to give a positive outcome. 
With most home units, you either hold the finish of a concoction dipstick in your pee stream or gather the pee in a holder and test it. The dipstick tests for hCG and utilizations hues or images to show whether you are pregnant. Computerized dipsticks may state 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' and can be simpler to peruse. 

Most pregnancy tests can recognize hCG in your pee on the main day your period is expected. On the off chance that the test is negative yet your period still doesn't come, you could attempt re-testing in a couple of days. On the off chance that the test is sure all things considered, you are pregnant. It might be in uncommon conditions that you will get a positive outcome that is inaccurate or bogus. 
To get the most solid outcomes, hold up until at any rate seven days after your normal period before testing. At that point the measure of hCG ought to have developed in your body on the off chance that you are pregnant. Some advanced packs are more precise than customary test units. 

Rehash the test a couple of days after the fact. Continuously counsel your primary care physician or facility to affirm that you truly are pregnant. 

Pregnancy tests performed by a specialist 

Attendants, specialists or experts can do either pee or blood tests to affirm whether you are pregnant. The pee tests are like the home ones. 

The blood tests for pregnancy are more touchy and precise than pee tests. They can distinguish whether the hormone is available in your blood and the amount hCG there is. 

Testing the degree of hCG and the rate at which it increments is one way your primary care physician can tell if your pregnancy is ordinary. For instance, a very high hCG level might be a sign you are anticipating twins or have some issue. 

It's essential to counsel a medicinal expert right off the bat in your pregnancy.


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